Hanborough Demographic Data

At the last census (2011) Hanborough parish had 2,630 residents living in 1,070 households. In comparison, Eynsham parish had 4,648 residents Freeland 1,560 Woodstock 3,100 and Bladon 898.
As compared to West Oxfordshire District, the South East Region and to England, Hanborough Parish has higher proportion of residents born in England, and proportionally more Christians. More residents of Hanborough live as married couples. They excel in higher level qualifications and professional, administrative and secretarial occupations.

Hanborough parish is getting old! It has much higher proportion of residents age 45 to 84 and much lower proportion at age between 20 and 44 than other regions.

A more detailed analysis of the census comparing Hanborough with wider regions of England is provided below - click on the thumbnail for a larger view.


Country of Birth




Age Structure

Living Arrangements