A Quiz about Hanborough

  1. To which historic age does the first evidence of a settlement within Hanborough Parish belong?
            Palaeolithic?            Bronze?         Iron?

  2. Historically what agricultural activity was the land around Hanborough best and most profitably used for?
            Cattle?           Pigs?              Sheep?          Arable?

  3. Which two kings stayed in Hanborough?
            William I?  Henry I?  Edward II?  Richard II?  Charles I?

  4. Where the Mammoth’s Tusk was found?
            Beneath Manor School’s playground?    In the Playing Field?    Alongside Folly Bridge?  In Myrtle Farm?

  5. In which century was the St Peter and St Paul Church in Church Hanborough built?
            10th?    11th?    12th?    13th?

  6. In what year was the rail station in Long Hanborough opened?
            1847?    1853?    1860?    1871?

  7. Which three writers worked in Hanborough?
            Lewis Carroll?      Oscar Wilde?      J.B. Priestley?      J. R. R. Tolkien?      JK Rowling?  
            Terry Pratchett?      Redmond O’Hanlon?

  8. Which was the ancient road that used to be called Port Street?
            Main Road?    Millwood End?   Church Road?    Park End?

  9. Where did the Romans build their grand villa in Hanborough?
            Tuckwell’s Pit?     Hanborough Heath?     Pinsley Wood?     Behind Marlborough Crescent?

  10. How many other parishes have boundaries with Hanborough?
            4?     6?    7?    8?

  11. When did the Manor School open in Hanborough?
            1953?    1960?    1964?    1966?

  12. What is a name of the brook that runs into Evenlode river at the south-east corner of the parish?

  13. What shop was replaced by the current Fish and Chip shop?

  14. What was the main business of Oliver’s garage in the 1930s and 1940s?

  15. Name three former pubs in LH.

  16. Who was Fred Able?
            Farmer?   Pest officer?   Travelling flea circus entertainer?   Shoemaker?

  17. Who were the Cotswold Lions?
            Hanborough football team?   Cattle herd?   Bowls team?   Roman sheep?   Darts team?

  18. What do Tessie O’Shea and Roger Bannister have in common?
            They both were entertained at the George and Dragon?  
            Both their grandmothers were born in Hanborough?  
            They both came to the Playing Fields?

  19. Where is the oldest house in Hanborough?

  20. How many river bridges/crossings does the Parish have [including those at the parish borders]
            3?     4?     5?    6?    8?

The answers to the quiz can be seen here